Free Alteration Services

Free basic clothing alterations service include the following items.

• Take in Bust-line
• Take in Waistline
• Take in Hipline
• Shortening Sleeve Length
• Shortening Dresses/ Woven Tops/ T-shirts/ Shirts Length
• Shortening Pants/ Shorts/ Jeans/ Skirts Length

We do NOT provide alteration service to all discounted products and products that are not available for alteration.

ustomers who need alteration service please leave your measurements at ORDER NOTE on the shopping cart page in the following format.

Bus-tline: XX cm Waistline: XX cm Hipline: XX cm Sleeve Length: XX cm 
Total Length: XX cm

Body Measurements Guide 


*Free alteration service is not avaliable on all discounted items.

*Altered items cannot be refunded or exchanged.

*If there are problems when our experts trying to alter the merchandise, we will contact you to fix the problems. If the problems cannot be fixed, then we will help you with canceling the order.

*Orders contain items that need to be altered will be dispatched in 7-10 business days.

*If customers do not leave any measurement in the order note, or the measurement is not in the right format, then we will assume that no alteration service is required on that order.

*If the sizes of the altered items do not reasonably match the measurement that you left in the order note, you can return it to us within 14 days. We will redo the alteration and usually will dispatch within 7 business days after we receive the merchandise.

*Reasonably match means plus or minus 2.5 cm of the measurement that you left in the order note. We do not accept any return items which reasonably match the measurement that you left in the order note.

*In the case of unauthorised or non-standard returns, the client will need to pay for an extra shipping fee and the merchandise will be returned to the shipping address specified in the original order.